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St. Mary’s is pleased to offer grounds and premises lettings to the local community, outside of normal school hours.




Standard Charge

School Hall

102.72m2 floor space

£8.50 per hour

Playing Field

Grassed outdoor area

£12.00 per hour


Access to suitable toilet and hand washing facilities is provided as standard


Kitchen Facilities

All users may us the school Staff Room for making tea and coffee. A hot water boiler is available for use, however users should bring their own supplies with them


Car Parking

All users may park in the main (staff) car park without charge



Storage is not generally offered, but may be available in certain circumstances

Price on enquiry


Equipment is not generally offered, but may be available in certain circumstances.

Price on enquiry


Additional Services

  • Provision of Site Supervisor to be on site for security and insurance purposes: £5.00-10.00 per session (depending on the length of session)*
  • Provision of a technician to assist with sound reinforcement, projector or lighting: £10.00 per session
  • Provision, erection and dismantling of staging according to user's requirements: £15.00 per session


* We expect that most bookings will require the Site Supervisor to be on-site for security and insurance purposes. However, this may not always be the case (e.g. where staff may be attending the event and are happy to take responsibility for the security of the building). Please contact Tanya Walshe on for more information.



The school’s delegated budget (which is provided for the education of its pupils) may not be used to subsidise lettings by community or commercial organisations.  Charges must be levied to meet the additional costs incurred by the school in respect of lettings of the premises. Within this framework, schools may charge some organisations more than cost and subsidise other users provided that overall charges for community use at least cover additional costs.


Charges to be levied may include the following:

  • Cost of services (heating and lighting)
  • Cost of staffing (additional security, caretaking and cleaning) – including “on-costs”
  • Cost of administration
  • Cost of “wear and tear”
  • Cost of use of school equipment (if applicable)
  • Profit element (if appropriate)


Once the letting is approved and the charge determined the organisation will be invoiced, and payment may be made by BACS within 30 days.


Dates and Times

Monday to Friday, term-time only.

  • School Hall - 17:30 to 21:00
  • Playing Field - 16:00 to 21:00


In certain circumstances, access may be granted at an earlier time by prior arrangement. Please note, all users must be off-site by 21:00, unless otherwise agreed


Bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis.


The school reserves the right to cancel bookings if the premises are required for educational purposes, for health and safety reasons, or due to staff absence. If this occurs we will contact the named contact as soon early as possible.


To find out more please read the information below, or email us at



What we expect of you

Access and Security

The school will only be available for your access during the agreed times and dates only. 


No members of the user group may be permitted to access any other area of the premises; to remove school property from the site, or to access or remove any information relating to school students or personnel (including through photography).


EITHER The school will ensure the building is opened and closed securely,

OR the school will provide the named contact with a set of keys and security alarm codes, and other pertinent details to enable access the above named areas.


It is the responsibility of the named contact (or their nominated deputy) to ensure that the school’s perimeter security (gates/ fences/ doors) is maintained during use and when leaving the property.


The car park may be in use during your letting, so it is recommended that your group park on the road and walk down the access road to the school. Please discuss your parking needs prior to booking.


Security, Safety and Safeguarding

In the event of a fire the named contact (or their nominated deputy) must ensure that all members of the user group evacuate the premises immediately and assemble at a pre-arranged point; call 999 to report the alarm activation, and contact the school’s Site Supervisor or keyholder to report the activation.


(School key holder contact details are provided with the letting confirmation letter.)


It is the responsibility of the named contact to ensure that risk assessments are undertaken on all areas to be used (school provide our own risk assessments, below, for your information).


It is recommended that the named contact undertake a dynamic risk assessment at the beginning of every session.


It is the responsibility of the named contact to ensure that best-practice safeguarding behaviour is maintained by all members of the user group by following your safeguarding policy; ensuring site perimeter and internal security, and following risk assessments for activities.



How to apply

If you are interested in booking our premises please contact Tanya Walshe (School Business Manager) at 


A member of our team will review your request as quickly as possible, and if we are able to accommodate you we will get in touch to discuss your requirements and to ask you to complete the full application.


If you then wish to apply to submit a formal application to use the premises, please complete and provide:

  • the letting application form, along with
  • your organisation’s Safeguarding Policy and risk assessments, and
  • evidence of insurance cover (minimum public liability cover £5 million)

by email to


All information you share with us will be used strictly for the purpose of carrying out the contract and our legal obligations.


Application and Approval Form


Letting Approval

The letting will be reviewed and charges determined, and a letter of approval provided to you confirming the details agreed. We aim to make these arrangements within one school week, but delays may occur at busy times. If you have any queries about the agreement, or the information above, please do not hesitate to contact school.


Review and Cancellation

The letting may be an annual agreement which will be reviewed each year in the Autumn Term,


an ongoing agreement which will be reviewed each year in the Autumn Term,


a fixed-period agreement.


Should you wish to vary the agreement in terms of area or dates of use, you should contact school as soon as possible.


If the expectations above are breached at any point, either party may cancel the agreement with immediate effect.


Either party may choose to terminate the agreement, for any reason, given 3 months notice -though wherever possible a longer period will be provided.